Wednesday, December 20, 2017

New Year's Resolutions

For the December 19 workshop, members were asked for a genealogy-related resolution. A promise was made that no names would be attached! It was gratifying to hear suggestions and advice from the group for some of the "brick walls" mentioned. Here's our 2018 list with some general goals and a few very specific tasks.

1. Get a family tree from a cousin and work on mother's line.
2. Research maternal lines on both sides.
3. Learn more about a g.grandmother from Scotland.
4. Get my documentation updated.
5. Start working on research in Ireland.
6. Develop a family website.
7. Learn about an English grandparent.
8. Attend genealogy meetings!
9. Get organized!
10. Plan to work on genealogy every other Monday.
11. Work on cousins and related families.
12. Locate an uncle's poetry book supposedly written after the war.
13. Find death records and grave sites in Sweden.
14. Find marriage record of mom and dad in Mexico.
15. Continue research on g.g.grandparents.
16. Contact archives in Lithuania.

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