Thursday, March 29, 2012

More 1940 census info

For the first week to several weeks after April 2, the only way to find your ancestor's 1940 census record will be to browse by enumeration district.

You can find out what an enumeration district is and how to pinpoint the right one by watching the free video on

Three separate projects to index these census records by name will begin ASAP after the records are released:

   the 1940 Census Community Project, organized by FamilySearch, and brightsolid      (owner of


The 1940 Census Community Project is recruiting volunteers to do the indexing; and MyHeritage are using paid contractors to do their indexing work.

Each site will add its index one state at a time, as states are completed. No site has specified the order in which states will be indexed, so at this time there's no telling when a particular site will add your ancestor's state. It could be weeks or months before a given site posts the index you need (so you'll want to check all the above sites periodically). is completing its index in two phases: a basic name index to be released first on a state-by-state basis, then a more-detailed index with additional information to follow. This means you may have access to a searchable basic name index for your ancestral state earlier on than on another site.

1940 Census Info

 On April 2 at 9 a.m., the only place you'll be able to find online 1940 census records for the entire country is This website was made possible through the National Archives' contract with genealogy company

Shortly after the initial release, other websites will begin adding the records as fast as they can. Those include:
MyHeritage websites, and

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It is Official

As the club has had it's last meeting of the season, our newly elected officers have already started to plan next season, we are looking forward to another great season, Thank You:

Rick Wood - President
Ken Doane - Vice President
Dick Rietz - Secretary
Louise Kant - Treasurer
Annette Rietz - Program Director