Sunday, July 28, 2019

August Webinars at Legacy

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Friday, August 2: "DNA, Genealogy, and Privacy: Handling the Double-Edged Sword," by Thomas MacEntee.  Intermediate

Tuesday, August 6: "Finding Families in New Zealand," by Fiona Brooker.  Beginner, Intermediate

Wednesday, August 7: "Case Studies in Gray: Identifying Shared Ancestries Through DNA and Genealogy," by Nicka Smith.  Intermediate, Advanced

Wednesday, August 14: "Basics of Land Platting - Part I," by J. Mark Lowe.  Intermediate, Advanced

Tuesday, August 20: "Ten Tools for Genealogical Writing," by Harold Henderson.  Intermediate

Wednesday, August 21: "Bullet Journaling for Genealogy," by Shellee A. Morehead. Beginner, Intermediate

Friday, August 23: "Introduction to Forensic Genealogy," by Kelvin L. Meyers.  Intermediate

Wednesday, August 28: "Using Teams with your Genealogy," by Tessa Keough.  Intermediate

Sunday, July 21, 2019


We just finished reading Mayflower, by Nathaniel Philbrick, another of the historical books we brought along this summer--I guess in honor of next year's 400-year celebration. The book is extremely well-sourced, and I learned much about the voyage and the Plymouth settlement. I read somewhere that our history lessons tend to jump from 1620 to 1776. Philbrick concentrates on the seventy or eighty years following the landing of the Mayflower and provides an entirely new perspective on that period of history.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Research in Madison, WI

We had planned to visit the Wisconsin State Historical Society for research in the library during our two weeks in the Madison area. Imagine our surprise to find that our motel in Fitchburg provides a shuttle almost to the door of the library! Delivery and pick-up right across the street from the campus union...

Our first goal was obituaries, as we were aware of the library's large collection of newspaper microfilm. Dick had created a list from Family Tree Maker called "Died in Wisconsin" so that we had the name, date and place of death for reference. At the library we used a book called Guide to Wisconsin Newspapers 1833-2004 to find out which newspapers were available on microfilm for the locations. (This book is also available to download as a PDF file.) Then the librarian printed a list of film numbers; we located the films and got set up at a film reader. As we found each obit, we passed a flash drive back and forth to copy the information.

Second floor reading room; microfilm readers in back corner

According the the librarian newspapers for several cities in Wisconsin have been digitized, but Dick found that the search field for the database was not as effective as he had hoped. It was also tedious to copy to the flash drive; it didn't seem to work unless you made a word document first. Using microfilm was more efficient!

Where do I take the cart full of microfilms?

Monday, July 1, 2019

FamilySearch Classes

Dick Eastman's newsletter last week had a post about webinars and classes at FamilySearch.

The FamilySearch Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, has announced its free classes and webinars for July 2019. Classes will include useful insights for beginners, how to successfully use the FamilySearch Family Tree, and German and Danish Research. Attend in person or online. No registration is required.

If you cannot attend a live event, most sessions are recorded and can be viewed later online at your convenience at Family History Library classes and webinars. Online classes are noted on the schedule as webinars.

Here is the link to the Wiki where classes are listed.