Monday, January 21, 2019

New York Newspapers

During the past summer the volunteers at the Potsdam Public Museum in New York suggested several websites for newspaper research in their state. In the past I had used the Fulton Postcard site to locate an item about a suicide of family connection: we had found the death date but did not know the circumstances. If you have New York ancestors, you might find one of the following sites helpful.

When I was reviewing the site addresses, the first one listed stated the website was too busy to show results and I should try again later.

New York Historic Newspapers: 

New York Heritage Digital Collections:

Old Fulton Postcards:

Friday, January 18, 2019

January 15 Workshop

The focus of Tuesday's mini topic was the Family Tree section of Family Search. We took a look at each tab on a person's page and learned how to add and edit information. It is a good idea to use the "tree view" for a person to locate more suggested sources for several people at one time.

It is also possible to search four different websites from your ancestor's details page: FamilySearch, Ancestry, FindMyPast and MyHeritage. Even if you do not have a subscription to the other three websites, it is possible to see whether information exists. You can access subscription sites if you are at a Family History Center, or you could sign up for a 14-day free trial.

Annie demonstrated how to add a spouse and a child. She also showed how to create a marriage event including the source from Family Tree Maker.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Virtual Conference - Scottish Genealogy

Below is a link to an upcoming virtual genealogy conference. If your ancestors trace to Scotland, you might want to take advantage of this opportunity. The conference is scheduled for Saturday, January 26, and registration is $99 cad.

Visit for more information about the speakers and topics.

The virtual conference starts at 8:00 am  (Eastern) with presentations being delivered in pre-recorded webinar format. Presentations are made available on a scheduled basis, just like talks at an in-person conference. After one presentation ends, another becomes available. Immediately following each presentation, the presenters will be available in the closed Facebook group for the ViC for a live Q&A.

If you are not comfortable with Facebook, no problem. Simply email your questions in. They will still be answered.

The presentations will be available to you until midnight (eastern) on January 31st. This allows people in different time zones to be able to watch the presentations during normal waking hours. The handouts are all fully downloadable and yours to keep.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Genealogy Club Folders

We try to provide several useful items in everyone's folder, beginning with the schedule for the coming year. Every other week we have a presentation on some facet of genealogy research. The opposite weeks are workshops used for mini-topics, group work, library use and internet research.

You can use the two pedigree charts to help show where the "holes" in your family knowledge exist and give you ideas for future research.

We have a list of suggested websites for you to try. We usually demonstrate how each of them can be used sometime during the year. Some require a free account, others can be used at any time and two are subscription sites.

The beginner checklist is a brief outline of the most efficient way to research. In other words, start with yourself, find ancestors in the census, then work on their birth, marriage and death records, etc.

We have an extensive research library of purchased and donated books. You can use the books during club meetings, or they can be checked out for two weeks at a time. We also have a collections of folders, binders and magazines that will help you learn more about genealogy.

There is a records checklist that suggests all kinds of possible sources for family information.

The final item is a chart that will help you focus on what records to use for specific goals. For example, in looking for a birth date you would first try vital records, church records or bible records. If you aren't successful with those records, then move on to cemeteries, obituaries or census records.

Good Luck!

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

January 8 Genealogy Club

We had a wonderfully large group at the first meeting of 2019. Next week we'll have enough tables for everyone to be able to use a computer! We will cross our fingers that the internet will be more readily available.

Fellow genealogists

Vanessa Spahan talked about the free website FindAGrave. ( You'll also find a link to the website in the menu at the right. FindAGrave is useful to a beginning genealogist because it is easily searched if you know a name, possible dates and location. Many people have posted obituaries and other information that will help you find related ancestors.

Vanessa showed different features of the website, such as adding memorials (photos of gravestones), requesting photos, editing information and adding virtual flowers. She also explained virtual cemeteries where you can group relatives who might be buried in different parts of the country. This would be particularly helpful for possible connections with distant family members.

Vanessa Spahan

Craft Fair Table

It seemed that we had a successful day at the craft fair. The first hour was slow, but volunteers for the rest of the morning reported lots of interest. Again, thanks to the following for making time to help.

Delrene, Annie, Susan, Diane, Deenie, Ann, Maureen and Nancy.

Deenie and Ann

Susan and Diane

Friday, January 4, 2019

January Plans

We have some interesting topics for our January meetings.

We will begin our regular meetings January 8 with a guest speaker on FindAGrave, as this free website is one that everyone can and should use. A few of us heard Vanessa Spahan speak at the April genealogy forum at the Vista Grande Library, and she is quite knowledgeable on the topic.

During the January 15 workshop we will spend more time looking at the Family Tree area of FamilySearch. We will demonstrate how to add names and sources to the tree and show where to get questions answered on the site.

January 22 we'll be listening to Melanie Sturgeon talk about how to locate women in public records. Many times our female lines are the most difficult to follow. Melanie recently retired as the State Archivist and Director of the Archives and Records branch of the Arizona State Library.

Maureen will talk about WikiTree during the January 29 workshop. She has been working on her family information on this website.

There will be two opportunities for helping our club with our genealogy table: the January 8 craft fair and the January 25 Welcome Back party. There is still time to volunteer!

Don't forget about the Pinal County Genealogy Workshop planned for Saturday, January 26. This is an all-day workshop with opportunities for taking five classes. Registrations must be postmarked by January 12 in order to take advantage of the $20 fee, which includes all classes and lunch. Visit to find more information.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Legacy January Webinars

Quite a few of our members might want to mark calendars for January 9, when the presentation by Cyndi Ingle is called "Maintaining an Organized Computer." Visit for more information on all of January's upcoming webinars, which you can register to watch in real time or view at your leisure for a week following the online presentation. Be sure to note the correct local time for each webinar, as they have added a "Down Under" session to their series.

Tuesday, January 1 - "Researching in Australian Archives" by Helen Smith.  Beginner, Intermediate

Wednesday, January 2 - "DNA Rights and Wrongs: the Ethical Side of Testing" by Judy G. Russell.  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Wednesday, January 9 - "Maintaining an Organized Computer" by Cyndi Ingle.  Intermediate

Tuesday, January 15 - "Visualizing Information for Genealogists" by Margaret R. Fortier.  Intermediate

Wednesday, January 16 - "What Would You Do If You Had Five Days in Washington, D.C.?" by Pamela Boyer Sayre.  Intermediate

Wednesday, January 23 - "Using OneNote with Your Genealogy" by Tessa Keough.  Beginner, Intermediate

Friday, January 25 - "Patriot or Not?: Using the Genealogical Proof Standard on a Closed DAR Line" by Elissa Scalise Powell.  Intermediate, Advanced

Wednesday, January 30 - "You Can Do This: Photo Organization and Preservation" by Thomas MacEntee.  Beginner