Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Software Report

Have you heard?

Israel-based genealogy website MyHeritage announced this month that it has purchased the developer of Legacy Family Tree software and the Legacy webinars program. The announcement seemed to indicate that there would be no changes to the webinars program. Any club members using Legacy software might be able to provide us with more information.

RootsMagic users can now sync to Ancestry by using "TreeShare." RootsMagic has added a "WebHints" feature that searches Ancestry's collections. However, you must post your tree to Ancestry in order to use that feature.

FamilyTreeMaker finally considered the 2017 version to be ready for shipping this summer. Ancestry has changed their requirements, and you must now post your tree to Ancestry (either public or private) to be able to use the "shaking leaf" hints that had been available for everyone until the product was sold to MacKiev.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

More Notes from the German Genealogy Conference

There were 4-5 sessions each day and there was also a speaker during lunch breaks. Some of Dick's choices included Researching German Roots in the Czech Republic, German Church and Civil Records, One-Step Webpages, Using Family Search for German Research, Austrian Empire in the 19th Century, Making Sense out of Census Records, and Pommeranian Research.

This conference was unusual in that the speakers chosen for the lunch sessions provided notes for the syllabus. At most national conferences the lunchtime presentations are more entertaining than educational. During the three days we listened to The Status of Your German Ancestor, German Ancestors and Their Occupations and Tracking the Tribe: How to Get Around a Wall When You Can't Find the Door.