Sunday, December 30, 2018

Legacy January Webinars

Quite a few of our members might want to mark calendars for January 9, when the presentation by Cyndi Ingle is called "Maintaining an Organized Computer." Visit for more information on all of January's upcoming webinars, which you can register to watch in real time or view at your leisure for a week following the online presentation. Be sure to note the correct local time for each webinar, as they have added a "Down Under" session to their series.

Tuesday, January 1 - "Researching in Australian Archives" by Helen Smith.  Beginner, Intermediate

Wednesday, January 2 - "DNA Rights and Wrongs: the Ethical Side of Testing" by Judy G. Russell.  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Wednesday, January 9 - "Maintaining an Organized Computer" by Cyndi Ingle.  Intermediate

Tuesday, January 15 - "Visualizing Information for Genealogists" by Margaret R. Fortier.  Intermediate

Wednesday, January 16 - "What Would You Do If You Had Five Days in Washington, D.C.?" by Pamela Boyer Sayre.  Intermediate

Wednesday, January 23 - "Using OneNote with Your Genealogy" by Tessa Keough.  Beginner, Intermediate

Friday, January 25 - "Patriot or Not?: Using the Genealogical Proof Standard on a Closed DAR Line" by Elissa Scalise Powell.  Intermediate, Advanced

Wednesday, January 30 - "You Can Do This: Photo Organization and Preservation" by Thomas MacEntee.  Beginner

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Last Year's Resolutions

At the final workshop session in 2017 we made a list of resolutions for the coming year. Since we did not name any of the participants, there is no guilt attached to those who didn't follow through. Were you able to keep your resolution? Perhaps we can just resume working on the ideas from the past!

Here are members' 2017 resolutions:

1. Get a family tree from a cousin and work on mother's line.
2. Research maternal lines on both sides.
3. Learn more about a g.grandmother from Scotland.
4. Get my documentation updated.
5. Start working on research in Ireland.
6. Develop a family website.
7. Learn about an English grandparent.
8. Attend genealogy meetings!
9. Get organized!
10. Plan to work on genealogy every other Monday.
11. Work on cousins and related families.
12. Locate an uncle's poetry book supposedly written after the war.
13. Find death records and grave sites in Sweden.
14. Find marriage record of mom and dad in Mexico.
15. Continue research on g.g.grandparents.
16. Contact archives in Lithuania.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

December 18 Workshop

We took a look at various pedigrees for Santa Claus, and noted an appearance in the 1930 census and a Missouri death record. Seems that he's all over the place.

We also reviewed the search procedure for narrowing to a particular type of record on FamilySearch. This is another way to save time during your research sessions. We demonstrated using the catalog for place names and showed the various ways FamilySearch produces records.Church records in Norway can be found on another website, church records from Germany can be read through an LDS church membership, Swiss records can be viewed at a Family History Center, and English records could be browsed on your home computer.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

December 11 Workshop

Jan O'Donnell presented the mini-topic for this week's workshop. She began with:

What in the World?
Can you guess how that sentence ended? Ask her next time you see her at a meeting...

The title of the presentation was "What in the World" which was a bit of a mystery. During Bob and Jan's visit to the Family History Library this fall she asked for help in researching in England. She (and the volunteers) were excited to learn that one of her ancestors was Wat Tyler. Wat was the leader of a peasant uprising during the rule of the 11-year-old King Richard. He was a hero for nine days before being beheaded.

Jan O'Donnell

Two genealogy lessons: always ask for help and be ready for surprises!

Thanks, Jan, for sharing your success story.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Craft Fair Volunteers

Several members assisted Bone-Apart in introducing our club to Palm Creek residents at this week's craft fair. Thanks to Sandy, Lynell, Bob, Nancy, Susan, Delrene, Karen and Annie for making time to volunteer.
Delrene and Sandy
Karen and Bob
Susan and Nancy

Saturday, December 8, 2018

December 4 Workshop

The mini topic was the story of a recent research project for a friend demonstrating how to locate and analyze census and vital records. Solving the ancestor mystery created a second mystery!

One of our new members shared a valuable resource and his story of successful research in Slovakia. If you happen to have ancestors from the Czech Republic, Slovakia or that general area, visit Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International at and take a look at the website. In the left menu you will find a link to professional researchers and you can read their bios and decide whether to hire someone to research for you.

Thanks for the information, Frank!

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Genealogy News

The new season of "Who Do You Think You Are?" begins on TLC Monday, December 3. Participants include Mandy Moore, Josh Duhamel, Regina King and Matthew Morrison.

The Pinal County Genealogy Workshop will be held on Saturday, January 26, 2019. Registration forms and class descriptions have been posted on the website. Take a look at The syllabus should be added within the next week.



Saturday, December 1, 2018

Legacy's December Webinars

For new members/readers: the company that sells the Legacy software presents free genealogy webinars each month. You can find more information or register at to watch in real time. Otherwise, the presentations are free to watch for one week following the original  viewing. Be sure to note the correct time in your area.

Wednesday, December 5 - "Ins and Outs of Indexes: Keys to Unlocking County and State Records" by Mary Roddy.   Beginner

Friday, December 7 - "Legacy 9 Unlocked (part 9): Adding an Entry from an Online Database" by Geoff Rasmussen.   Beginner, Intermediate

Wednesday, December 12 - "101 Ways to Design a Genealogy Chart" by Janet Hovorka.   Beginner

Friday, December 14 - "Citation for Beginners" by Shellee Morehead.  Beginner

Tuesday, December 18 - "Proving Identity and Kinship Using the GPS: Finding a Freedman's Family" by Nancy A. Peters.   Intermediate

Wednesday, December 19 -"That Splendid Little War: Researching Your Spanish American War Ancestors" by Michael L. Strauss.   Beginner