Thursday, August 28, 2014

Chasing Ancestors

We spent the past week in the Bayfield, WI area (with no convenient internet) enjoying cool weather and Lake Superior. Dick has traced one maternal line back to the Ojibwe; two of his ancestors were born in the 1600s at La Pointe on Madeline Island. Naturally, we took the ferry from Bayfield to visit the land where two of the chiefs lived before that clan relocated to Lac de Flambeau. The Madeline Island Museum was an interesting place with many exhibits of the island's unique history.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Two Legacy Webinars

Legacy is presenting two webinars for beginning researchers during the next two weeks. Find more information or register to watch in real time at

We have had several talks on Find A Grave, but you may want a refresher course. If so, mark your calendar for Wednesday, August 20, to hear Russ Worthington discuss this valuable website.

Find A Grave - The World's Largest Cemetery Database
"Explore Find-A-Grave, the largest cemetery database in the world and a must-have tool in your genealogy toolbox. Russ will share insights and methodologies into best using the site for family history research. He will also provide suggestions about contributing your own photographs."

On August 27 the topic is specific to those researchers who have Italian ancestors. Ruth Merriman is the presenter.
Researching Your Italian Ancestors
"Your Italian ancestors are just waiting to be discovered! The availability of Italian records has increased exponentially in the past few years, making research much easier than it has been. In this overview, we will discuss how to find the records you need (on film, on site and on line), what to look for in the records, and a tiny bit of history to put it all into perspective."

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Waupaca Genealogy Center

We stopped for a visit yesterday and talked with Jean, one of the genealogy club members who was volunteering. The photos show why I strongly suggest finding the local genealogy or history facility. Waupaca is a small town--only about 5,000+ population, but the research center is first class.

One half of the building holds the historical society materials, including photos and many donated collections.
There is plenty of room for research. Not seen in any of the photos is the cabinet containing surname and subject files.

The two sections behind us hold family histories, cemetery books, obituary files, etc.

Shelves behind me contain state and local history books and photo albums.


As you saw from the outside photos, the facility is only open three days a week. Be sure to call ahead whenever you plan to visit a small town to be sure the center will be available.

Hometown Visit

During the past few weeks we've been visiting central Wisconsin where we lived until retirement. I always try to visit the genealogy center, housed in the building where the first public library was located. The historical society and genealogy club now share the building.

The local genealogy club holds meetings here. Members also volunteer to open the genealogy center Saturday mornings during the summer months.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Bobbie's Genealogy Classroom

A friend who sends genealogy links recently suggested this website, and I thought it was worth a recommendation. Barb Snow is a retired librarian from Michigan with a specialty in genealogy. Her website includes links to all sorts of information; she also writes a blog. I had a good time browsing through her selections; below is a clip of a few of the available topics. (And even with much editing variation, it still covers part of our website list: sorry about that.) She also provides links to information for states and countries.


Take a look at her site:

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Legacy Webinars

After taking a couple of weeks off, Legacy is producing two webinars this week. J. Mark Lowe will talk about research in Tennessee for all beginning and intermediate genealogists on Wednesday. Lisa Alzo will give you some ideas for looking at your collected data in a new way on Friday, directing her presentation at intermediate researchers.

Following are descriptions of the presentations; you can find more information and/or register at

Researching Your Tennessee Ancestors - Wednesday, August 6

Learn about the valuable resources that describe the pioneers who crossed the mountains to Tennessee. Discover the hidden wonders that may help you resolve problem ancestors in the Volunteer State. Understand how records were created and where to find the ones you need.

Research Recharge - Turning Old Clues into New Leads: Friday, August 8
Have you hit an impasse in your research? Are you searching the same databases or record groups and getting the same old results? Learn fresh ways of looking at data you've already collected, strategies for smarter searching your favorite databases (and new ones) for clues, and tips for identifying what you may have missed the first time around.