Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Randy Majors Website

Randy Majors' website was listed in the 2016 Family Tree Magazine's 101 best websites, and the new issue of the magazine included an interview with him.

His website has interactive U.S. County Boundary maps and Historical World Boundary Maps. I entered a few of my ancestor's European villages with quick results. The Norwegian village map included interesting topographical features. U. S. county maps allow you to pinpoint current research locations such as courthouses, churches, cemeteries and libraries.

Another feature of the website is an "ancestor search" using Google Custom search which is supposed to be genealogy specific. However, I did not have much luck with the names I chose to enter. One referred me to an Ancestry family tree; another found an online tree--but not for the correct family.

His site is certainly worth a look:

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