Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

We had an email from Trish today with the following suggestion:

"Thought you might want to post this to the blog.  About Grey Nuns in Canada and how they cared for the Irish famine immigrants, widows, orphans who came to Canada.  Accounts by individuals who survived."

http://faminearchive.nuigalway.ie/     Thanks, Trish!

Also, the Legacy Webinar for tomorrow, July 8, is called "Pinning Your Family History," presented by Thomas MacEntee and directed at beginner and intermediate researchers. Another webinar is scheduled for Friday, July 10 but is for "members-only." Judy Russell will be talking about "Making a Federal Case Out of It." As the title indicates, she will be talking about federal court cases.    More at www.familytreewebinars.com.

Here's the description for Pinning Your Family History: "Have you considered using a variety of social media “pinning” sites like Pinterest to share your family history photos and stories? You might be surprised at the connection you can make with other genealogists as well as far-flung family members! One of the challenges in for the family historian is handling family photos and mementos and the question of “what do I do with it now that it’s scanned?” Using social media pinning sites such as Pinterest, What Was There, History Pin and even Google Maps allows you to not only share your family history photos, but you never know who will find your content and what connections you could make!

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