Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Legacy Webinars

Legacy's presentations this week are very specific to an area and time period. Anyone with New Zealand connections should take a look at Wednesday's topic, which is appropriate for both beginning and intermediate researchers. Friday's presentation about searching in the South after the Civil War is appropriate for intermediate level researchers.

Register to watch in real time or learn more information at www.familytreewebinars.com.

Researching Your New Zealand Ancestors --  Wednesday, February 18
"You may not have a family member (sibling of your ancestor) who was born, married and died in New Zealand, but if you do - lots of footprints for you to find. If they had just one of these events in New Zealand -there is a gold mine waiting for you. Let's look at Passenger Lists, Civil Registration (our unique, amazing Historical B, D, M's), Church Records, Cemetery Records, Schools, Wills, Family Histories, Newspapers and others researching your family names."

Researching Ancestors in the Era of Freedom --  Friday, February 20
"The years right after the Civil War were critical years for all southerners white and black. Amazing records reflect that incredible time during those years. This session will explore several amazing record sets and will point to where they can be found."

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