Saturday, March 1, 2014

Family Search Website

At Tuesday's workshop there were several questions about Family Search and registering on its site. Our recommendation is to register as a member (free) and remember your user name and password for future reference. I believe the advantage to using Family Search in this manner is when a result appears that is linked to a partner of Family Search, you will be allowed to see that record even when you are not a subscriber to that partner's website. If someone has had that experience, we would like to hear about it.

Clarification: it seems that someone can access a subscription site only when using family search at a family history center--unless, of course, you have your own subscription.

For example, if you find a result for the 1930 U. S. census the following three options are available if you elect to see the actual record.

  • At By clicking here you will be leaving (fees and other terms may apply)
  • When using the site at a FamilySearch Center.
  • To signed-in members of supporting organizations.
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